Australia Post or Sendle

Australia Post or Sendle?

Everyone has their opinions about mail carriers - which is why we give you the option of choosing which carrier you would like to use. Sometimes we don't know which option to pick - Sendle or Australia Post - so let me explain the differences!

Then when you purchase from us, you know you'll receive them the way you want to! 


Sendle or Australia Post?

(Usually!) the cheapest option, Sendle use contracted couriers to keep costs down. The delivery time is often a little faster than Australia Post, but if you live rurally they can take an extra-long time. Expect a delivery from a vehicle with Poll, Startrack or similar written along the side of the van

Australia Post 
Australia Post is the main mail carrier in Australia and has a reputation of being more reliable. If something goes missing, it's usually easier to track because they only use their delivery drivers to deliver. Unfortunately they do charge more than Sendle, but some customers prefer to use them for peace of mind. PO Box addresses must use Australia Post because Sendle will not deliver to a PO Box (as it's part of the Australia Post Business!).

Express (Australia Post)
Australia Post offer an express service to get you your order a bit faster. Depending on where you are located, your delivery can be expedited by about 2-3 business days if you choose this option. 

Please know that we don't make any money off delivery costs - we charge you what we are being charged. 

And as always - if you have any questions, you can always contact us.